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Mini Update

I’ve had too much coffee. I’m feeling so much stress. I am on the train. I am feeling sad. I am leaving Graz. I am feeling bittersweet.

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Mini Update

It’s almost here. It’s snowing more, it’s so cold, and I have so much to do.
I finally went to Schloßberg with my tandem partner Karoline and took photos. But so cloudy it was sort of impossible.

How will I manage to take care of all these administrative things. So busy.

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This is it. The last week.

I am studying my butt off, but also partying because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see all of my favourite people again. It’s sort of lame because most people have already finished with all their exams, but I still keep going until wednesday. Lame. 

But it will hopefully be good. Art history is starting to get interesting and honestly all I have to do for that class is memorize.

Did I mention that it’s finally SNOWING? I’m planning on walking out of my apartment, taking care of some organizational things and then just taking photos. Because its gorgeous out here. I want it to pile up and I want it to pile up fast.

But please don’t pile up in Vienna, that means my plane might get delayed.

Actually, I don’t think I would mind that too much.

I don’t know how I feel about anything anymore. I’ve been dealing with a health issue and it’s been putting a damper on my last few moments in Graz. I’m really sad because I am going to miss miss miss my friends. I am going to miss hanging out. I am going to miss Graz. I am going to miss speaking German. I am going to miss all the experiences that I didn’t get to have. It’s just that I’m just starting to get used to the life I have here, and I’m not ready to leave it behind. Behind to something already so familiar to me. 

I feel like time has just been taken away from me so fast. I wasn’t ready, nor was I expecting to feel like this.

But, we gotta make the last few moments count. And although I’ve been saying it ironically for the past 5 months, we really have to #yolo.

Seattle, see you soon.

Graz, we’re going hard this week.

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Basically it’s finals week. I mean it’s finals 2 weeks and I have an exam this SATURDAY, but no big deal right?

I’m super tired, don’t feel like studying and and ready to sleep. Yesterday was the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) End of the Semester Goodbye Party, so of course I went with my friends Emily, Camille, and Misaki and we danced the night away.

So much it was a struggle to get back home in those heels. Ow, the pain.

I am excited because tomorrow I will be on a train headed to Vienna to visit Tam, another SU student who made her way over to Österreich. I love Vienna so it will be so much fun to be there with someone I went to school with for so long.

But, this also means it is my last “trip” before I have to study hardcore to the max. Also, the last “trip” before I leave Austria for good.

I’ve been trying to avoid talking about it because it makes me too sad, but Seattle University made a mistake in my planning and basically, I have to return stateside at the end of January. Sadness cannot accurately describe the feelings I have. It may be regret.

I had so many things to do, and now I have no time to do it.

I guess my dream city of Venice will have to wait until next time.

Off to a nap, and then to study.

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Mini Update


I am stressed, my finals came out of no where. And I do not want to move tomorrow.


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